Tershel & Associates are experienced Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice attorneys serving Washington, Pa., Pittsburgh and other southwestern Pennsylvania communities.

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Tershel & Associates have extensive experience and a proven record of recovering insurance payments due their clients in Washington, Pa., Pittsburgh and southwestern Pennsylvania.

If you bought an insurance policy, you should be able to depend upon your insurance company to fulfill the policy requirements in the event of an emergency. Sometimes, however, insurance companies are reluctant to pay policyholders the money that is due.

If your insurance company failed to honor its contract with you, you have legal options. At Tershel & Associates, we handle insurance bad faith, insurance liability claims and other personal injury cases for clients in Washington County and throughout the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania. We represent clients in cases involving homeowners' insurance, auto insurance, health insurance, fire insurance and more.

What Constitutes Insurance Bad Faith?

When an insurance company fails to meet its contractual obligations, it is considered "bad faith." Examples of bad faith include:

  • Offering unreasonably low compensation for damages, known as "low-balling"
  • Denying your claim without a reason
  • Failing to act within a certain timeframe
  • Policy wording that is ambiguous, misleading or intentionally deceiving
  • Failing to perform a due diligence investigation

In a bad faith insurance case, our experienced lawyers will scrutinize the insurance agreement for errors or ambiguity. If we believe that your insurance company has wronged you, we will take legal action on your behalf.

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